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Information on testing for COVID-19

When we do any test, we need to ask ourselves how reliable is the test in answering the question we are asking, and what are we going to do with the information. Tests are not magical correct answers to questions. All tests can be wrong: either a false positive where the test says you have the disease but you don’t. Or a false negative, where the test says you are fine but you really do have the disease. Even the best tests in the world are wrong between 1-5% of the time. That is for every 20-100 tests done, 1 of them is wrong. Then, when you get what is may be the right answer from a test, how is that going to change what needs to be done? 

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Dental Health

The different stages of dental development mark meaningful milestones of childhood. As children experience teething, the natural loss of baby teeth and the emergence of permanent adult teeth, parents and pediatricians have important roles to play promoting dental health. Together with your child’s dentist, I want to help you learn how to care for your child’s teeth at each stage.

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