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Guidelines for Achieving & Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Parents of newborns quickly learn that measurement of their baby’s weight and length is an important part of each doctor visit. That’s because a child’s measurements tell us a lot about their general health. This is true for older children and adolescents as well. A weight that is appropriate for your child’s height and age remains an important indicator of overall health.

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Understanding Cholesterol and Other Lipid Tests

Most of us think of cholesterol problems as an adult issue. However, for a number of reasons, cholesterol can be a health problem for kids as well. As more and more kids struggle with the challenges of being overweight or even obese, doctors have noticed that some of these kids have high cholesterol levels. There are also children who have inherited a tendency to slightly elevated cholesterol levels and rarely children have inherited diseases that cause very high cholesterol levels. For this reason, in 2011 the United States Preventive Services Task Force together with the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute recommended...

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Vegetarian Diets

More and more Americans are choosing to follow vegetarian diets. For most families, a decision to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle can lead to a beneficially increased intake of fruits and vegetables. That’s wonderful news! While vegetarian diets can be made safe at any age, young children and adolescents need to be particularly careful to consume all the needed nutrients for rapid growth. In this article, I will examine the most common types of vegetarian diets and the potential risks of each. I hope this will help guide you to making sound nutritional choices for your family.

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