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Sick Care

Whether your child is struggling with a new or sudden illness or a chronic medical problem, our board-certified pediatricians are ready to provide compassionate medical care of the highest quality. As your trusted medical home, we are pleased to offer:

Because we offer these services in our office, you typically do not have to take your child to another location to have blood drawn for lab tests.

    • An on-call physician 24/7 if you have serious medical concerns.
    • Asthma management

Asthma is the most common chronic disease among children and is responsible for more missed school days than any other illness. While there is no cure, proper evaluation and treatment is necessary in order to avoid serious complications. We are available for same day service for asthma exacerbations. We also recommend that our asthma patients meet with our pediatricians every six months to ensure the best ongoing preventative care. When necessary, we utilize other specialists like pulmonologists and allergists, but most asthma care is best provided by your pediatrician. That’s what we’re trained to do.

    • Injury evaluations

Our highly trained physicians can evaluate and treat the most common childhood injuries, including:

    • Concussions: Whether a head injury is sustained through competitive sports, accidents or play, we routinely manage concussions. When necessary, we will arrange for further evaluation with local or regional specialists. We provide ImPACT pre- and post-concussion testing.
    • Sports injuries
    • Fractures
    • Cuts
    • Strains or sprains
    • Burns: Most burns can be treated at our office. However, if more specialized burn care is required, we will coordinate referral to a local burn center.