Outdoor Clinic and Telemedicine

Our nurses are screening all patients by phone before they come to the office. 

Any patient with fever or any contagious symptoms will be seen in our 

new outdoor clinic. These patients will NOT enter the building at any time.

    In addition:

  1. All staff inside the building are wearing masks and practicing careful hand hygiene

  2. All staff will have their temperature checked before entering the building

  3. No persons with symptoms of any contagious disease will enter the building at any time. Persons with fever, runny nose, sore throat or cough are considered contagious until 7 days have passed since their symptoms began, they have been free of fever for 3 days and all symptoms are improving. 

  3. Patients with the above symptoms who have mild illness should stay at home. They do NOT need any testing.

  4. Patients with the above symptoms who are moderately or severely ill can be seen in our outside clinic. We are equipped the evaluate these patients fully. These patients and their parents will be asked to wear a mask. 

  5. Children should be accompanied by one parent or care giver. Please do not bring siblings or other people to the visit. 

  6. Persons who are not potentially contagious can be seen for any problem inside out office. This includes routine well care.

  7. We are happy to arrange for a telemedicine visit with one of our providers. Call our nurses to schedule.